Really Good Causes

2.5% from the sale of each beer goes directly to an amazing charity or project

So, when you choose a Really Good Beer you know exactly which cause you're supporting - it says so on the label

For us, doing good isn’t an after-thought or a limited-edition; goodness is hard-wired in and we're not budging 

How do we select the right causes?

We want to support the people and initiatives solving the biggest issues facing people and the planet

To help us decide which projects to support, we've set some criteria. We're not saying this won't ever change - it will - but right now here's the process for helping make sure we make an impact: 

  • You might be wondering, what are the 'biggest issues facing people and the planet'? We've defined them as those highlighted in the UN’s Global Issues – after all, they've got a bunch of smart people who've got a pretty good view of what needs to change 
  1. We don't choose charities based on their size, we choose them based on their impact. We work to understand how each and every charity is solving specific challenges and how much impact they're having on each of our big issues. 
  2. We’ve partnered with Work For Good to help keep us honest. They make sure we donate and that it's all above board. It's obviously very early days but keep track of our profile to see the impact we're having!



Which causes are we supporting now? 

Each one of our beers supports a specific issue - take a look at the important causes we're working with by clicking on your favourite: 

Two Degrees Craft Lager - Climate Change - Soil Association UK

Root Cause West Coast Pale Ale - Deforestation - Rainforest Trust UK

Pipe Dream Bohemian Pilsner - Water Projects - charity:water

Tidal Save Session IPA - Ocean Plastics - Ocean Generation

Hive PA Hazy NEIPA - Bumbleebees - Bumbleebee Conservation Trust

Wunderkind DIPA - Sport and Play - Right to Play

Uncuffed - Export Stout - Spark Inside

Deep Cover - Ernest Pale Ale 4.5% - Trees for Cities

Bullion Air - Bullion Pale Ale 4.8% - Trees for Cities

Fool Shade - Jester Pale Ale 5.0% -  Trees for Cities



How will we select the right causes in future?

We're committed to making sure our beer does good things. That means we're always monitoring the big issues and obsessing over how we can help.

Got ideas for important causes we could support? Get in touch at and we'll be sure to get back to you.  


We're also a Pending B-Corp - find out more here


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