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Tidal Save - Session IPA 3.7% 5L Mini Keg
Tidal Save - Session IPA 3.7% 5L Mini Keg
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tidal Save - Session IPA 3.7% 5L Mini Keg
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tidal Save - Session IPA 3.7% 5L Mini Keg

Tidal Save - Session IPA 3.7% 5L Mini Keg

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Enjoy pub-style beer at home with a mini-keg!

This mini-keg contains 5L / 8.8 pints of Tidal Save, our flagship 3.7% Session IPA.

Mini-kegs should be chilled in the fridge and consumed within 3 days of opening.


A cracking example of a timeless favourite. Zesty, funky and featuring a bombardment of wonderful tastes (see notes below).

Interesting fact: The most common explanation for the term “session” goes back to WWI, when workers were allotted two drinking periods or “sessions” each workday. A nice break from the tricky task of making weapons. This called for a lighter beer than your everyday stout or porter, allowing workers to drink more beer without getting too, well, you know.


Beer details

Style: Session IPA
ABV: 3.7%
Ingredients (allergens): Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast


Tasting notes

A quiet lunch time sitting in a tropical greenhouse, eating leftover toad in the hole and gobstoppers, all washed down with a glass of mead before heading back to the office.


This beer combats ocean plastics

This beer combats ocean plastics:

2.5% of the sales of this beer goes to support Ocean Generation via Work for Good

To find out more and see how we pick ‘em go to Causes.

We know creating beer (and running a business) has it’s own impact – and we’re working on that. Find out more here.

    We have to do two things. We need to change people’s attitude to plastic (via alternatives) and we have to stop it ending up in the ocean.

    That's why we are proudly supporting Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK) who have a vision way beyond just plastic.

    As Plastic Oceans becomes Ocean Generation, they have a higher vision of the world. One where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation and where young people can be the catalyst for change.

    They exist to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Because as the first generation to deeply understand ocean issues, we are also the last generation who can stop them.

    One Ocean, One Future.

    Plastic in our Oceans

    We’re at a stage where there is mass awareness about the problems that engulf the Ocean. For some of us, Ocean threats are so deeply embedded in the way we all live and work that addressing them can seem overwhelming. And for others often cannot make the connection of how the solutions can be relevant to their daily lives.

    We are changing the narrative around plastic, climate change and other man-made Ocean issues. We break down the problem. No more scaremongering, science jargon or big data. No more over-simplifications like Plastic free or Zero Waste. We know that plastic has a role to play. But we believe we can shift the perceptions and behaviours that create Ocean threats and enable all of us to live more sustainably.

    Together we develop understandable, affordable and practical tools and solutions. Our ‘Ocean Intelligence’ toolset bridges the gap between people-led ocean action and institutional system change. We harness the power of science and storytelling to share information that you can trust, relevant to your daily life and can help you understand your role in safeguarding the ocean and motivate you to take action. We share the stories that to bring a human face to the environmental issues the world is facing.

    Find out more about what you can do to help at Ocean Generation


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